SZ | Advisory is an international art consultancy firm. In cultivating an environment of trust and discretion built on a genuine passion, we aim to provide impartial and informed advice in all aspects of collecting art. As collections develop, we provide support in archive management and upkeep. As a seminal pillar in our approach to supporting the arts, SZ | Advisory strongly believes that collecting is a form of philanthropy - supporting a community of artists, gallerists, and institutions. With a team whose backgrounds stem from diverse fields in the industry, we work to demystify and shed light onto all aspects of the art world. Pinpointing the best works in a market in which demand outstrips supply requires strategic knowledge and relationships. SZ | Advisory operates with the clients’ best interests first.

Sharón Zoldan



With degrees in Art History, Italian and Spanish from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Sharón's background in Renaissance Art History provides for a solid foundation in her pursuit of Modern, Post-War, and Contemporary Art. She sets herself apart by delving deep into research, providing clients with thorough insight into process, inspiration and technique, while contextualizing works within the arc of art history.

Sharón cemented her knowledge in the visual arts, while living abroad in Europe, the Middle East and Central America. With her keen understanding of the international art landscape and the scope of her regular travels, she maintains rapports with artists, dealers, and auction houses, keeping current with market trends. 

Over the course of the last decade, Sharón has had experience working for various international galleries, the Hammer Museum and Christie's Auction House in Los Angeles, among other art organizations. For years, she served as the West Coast Associates Chair of the American Friends of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, as well as the Curator's Council Co-Chair of LAXART in Los Angeles. Recently, she has joined the Contemporary@LACMA acquisitions committee and will spearhead the new Young Patrons of MUDAM, Luxembourg.

Adrianna Cole


Adrianna Cole holds a degree in English and Art History from DePaul University. With several years of experience in the Contemporary Art world in Dallas, Texas, she has practical training within the gallery sector, as well as within art advisories. She has curated exhibitions that engage all levels of the arts community. Her most recent exhibition titled How it looks to be you in Egyptian Cotton was hosted by Dallas Art Fair’s 214 Projects and included a range of emerging and established artists. Adrianna has also curated a series of exhibitions that take place specifically in domestic spaces. These projects all have the intention to expand collectors' intimate relationship with Contemporary Art and the Art Market.

Jennifer Li


Jennifer received her MA in Modern Art History, Theory and Criticism from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA in the History of Art from the University of California, Berkeley. Her career began in museums—the Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the J. Paul Getty Museum—before segueing into work with art galleries. With over a decade of experience in education, Jennifer is well-equipped to decode and discuss artistic phenomena with the newly-initiated or the connoisseur. She is a regular contributor to critical magazines such as Art in America, Frieze, and ArtAsiaPacific, as well as, the popular online platforms of Architectural Digest and Sight Unseen. 

Zoe Weinstein



Trained between London and New York with an academic background in Visual & Critical Studies, Zoe has been working with Impressionist, Post-War and Contemporary Art for more than 5 years. Before joining SZ | Advisory, Zoe worked for several art galleries. Most recently, she was at Mnuchin Gallery, New York, and Helly Nahmad Gallery, New York, where she focused on exhibition planning, worked as an artist liaison, and assisted the gallery partners in maintaining and cultivating client relationships. Working between Europe and Central America allows Zoe to identify international market trends and keep her hand on the pulse of the growing artistic landscape.