Élan Vital was a temporary exhibition curated by artists Tasya van Ree and Petecia Le Fawnhawk, produced by SZ | Advisory and presented in conjunction with the Parachute Market design fair. It featured works by Daniele Albright, Taiana Giefer, Nicole Nadeau, JS Nero, Spencer Hansen, Eliot Lee Hazel, and Lianne Barnes, with a special performance by Jessica Tonder and music by James Oliver & Adam Freeland.


French for the vital life force or creative impulse, Élan Vital is a collection of works that speak to our innate compulsion to create. It is coursing through us, and this agency manifests itself in this selection of sculptures, photographs and mixed media installations – collectively a delicate balance between that which exists and that which comes to fruition – that which is found and that which is created. Meant as an intellectual translation of a universal language that opens us up to a higher frequency of existence, and an advanced level of consciousness," Curators van Ree and Le Fawnhawk wanted to pull works they felt explored the connection of Élan Vital through a simplicity of spirit and diversity of form.