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For the seasoned collector, SZ | Advisory offers services that bolster current holdings to both preserve and increase collection value - be it through strategic loans, published mentions, or conservation of the integrity of material - all as a measure to strengthen critical collection visibility and provenance. 

For clients new to collecting, we work to demystify the art world by shedding light on all aspects of the market and acquisition process. SZ | Advisory offers tailored budgeting strategies, as well as supplementary resources, such as private viewings, studio visits, and exhibition walkthroughs. We travel extensively to follow the circuit of international art fairs and auctions, allowing us to regularly survey the current landscape of several different regions.


Collecting art has the power to transform a space, spark dialogue, and, if well-advised, provide for extraordinary  fiscal opportunities. Access is key, knowledge is crucial, and the opacity of the market is exponentially complex. Nevertheless, there remains huge potential in art as an asset, especially, as is historically proven in times of crisis. We help manage existing and new corporate collections. 


In both domestic and commercial settings, we take pride in the projects we have completed alongside established names in the Architecture and Interior Design trades. We provide curatorial services for shared and non-traditional spaces, such as offices, hotels, lobbies, and corporate galleries. We act as a resource to designers and architects, in order to further complement their practice. We offer selections that can be integrated as functional artworks in structural plans. Keeping the designers’ aesthetic at the forefront, we work together to satisfy the clients, while creating cohesive environments that are dynamic, immersive and beautiful. 


The SZ | Advisory team caters to attorneys, trust officers, and insurance companies in the areas of collection management, appraisals, deaccessioning & resale, freeport storage, auctions, conservation/restoration, market research, and art financing. Our relationships with collectors and institutions allow for quick, smart, and discreet placement of artworks, while maximizing full value.​​


We assist with appraisal services compliant with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for a variety of intended uses, including non-cash charitable contributions (artworks donated to museums/institutions), insurance replacement value, equitable distribution, market value, and estate tax. Upon request, we can handle all aspects of the donation process including locating a donee institution and coordinating transfer of artwork.

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