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Arthouse @ SohoHouse: hues, tints, tones

Conceptualized by Sharón Zoldan, the Arthouse series consisted of temporary month-long exhibitions at the Soho House in West Hollywood. In partnership with Los Angeles-based artists and galleries, the member's club presented a selection of artworks on view and for sale exclusively to its members and guests. The selection reflected the local landscape in keeping with an accessible approach for new collectors. The salon-style hang featured paintings, works on paper, photographs, prints, and mixed-media works. 
Artists included: Vija Celmins, Alexis Smith, Elizabeeth Neel, Sayre Gomez, Gina Osterloh, Kim Fisher, Zoe Crosher, Buck Ellison, John Monn, Molly Larkey, Fay Ray, Samantha Thomas, Thomas Wachholz, Eve Fowler, Max Maslansky, Sean Brian McDonald, Skip Arnold, and Amie Dicke.
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