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Brittany Mojo Ceramics Popup

In an intersection between art and craft, Mojo mutes her palette with a lush presentation of vessels. In a nod to Giorgio Morandi and his still lifes, Mojo showcased an expansive array of bottles, jugs, cups and other wares.


The viewer was invited to enter through an overhanging porcelain curtain, reminiscent of the wrought-iron gates of Sunset Blvd. The beaded curtain stems from Japanese tradition. These curtains demarcate the transition of stranger to guest, forcing us to bow upon entry - commanding respect for both the space and the host. Here, however, the artist has cut away at the draped ceramics, eliminating formality. As a physical incarnation of a rite of passage, Mojo alludes to her transition from known to unknown, from student to working artist, and for us from stranger to patron. Mojo encouraged visitors to take away physical mementos of the experiential installation. 

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