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Erin Morrison

Arthouse @ SohoHouse: Erin Morrison

Conceptualized by Sharón Zoldan, the Arthouse series consisted of temporary month-long exhibitions at the Soho House in West Hollywood. Working with plaster, paint, and fabric, local artist Erin Morrison creates beautifully textured surfaces that exist somewhere between painting and sculpture — as relief reminiscent of fossils and frescos. Her palette is muted with faded pastels and weathered whites: the sun-bleached tones reflective of LA’s landscape. Her compositions are sublimely simple: roughly drawn lines, irregular shapes, and imperfect patterns. The surfaces of her works are where the details reside, stripped of literal meaning. With the momentum from her gallery solo show and a fantastic review in the LA Times, Soho House West Hollywood hosted a cocktail reception to inaugurate her installation in the lobby’s atrium. 
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